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Vanessa Zelek

Vanessa Zelek is an abstract artist whose expressive work is an direct response to her environment and things in her close proximity. Originally from Poland, she has been living in Wexford since early childhood. She recently received a BA in Art with First Class Honours (2023). 


Vanessa’s work addresses the artists' relationship with nature. For her, the experience of creating is just as important as the final outcome, using a range of colour combinations and qualities with careful but free and expressive mark-making, often using motions of the body and found objects as tools to apply paint. 


Vanessa is currently based in Lisbon as an artist in residence at Prisma Éstudio, Lisbon. Her work has been selected for a group exhibition Tooth at DIVA (2023) and she participated in the IADT show In the Making: Milk at Pallas Projects (2023), as well as IADT graduate exhibition On Show 2023. She also has a piece in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown public collection and Office of Public Works. 

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